Kiln Dried Logs

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Why Buy Kiln Dried Logs

There are many reasons to use high-quality hardwood logs which have been kiln-dried. One of the most obvious and persuading is the fact that kiln-dried logs offer the best heat in terms of level and consistency. This gives you value for money as you ultimately get a hotter, longer burn from your wood. Softwood burns very quickly and so doesn’t offer the best value for money when compared to hardwood.

Of the hardwood varieties available, kiln-dried Oak logs are one of the best. It has a fantastic long burn time due to its density and provides a strong heat and pleasing aromatics. If you’re looking for firewood which rarely spits, Beech hardwood logs are a good choice and also has bright, long-lasting embers and steady heat.

What makes a good fire?

The three ingredients of fire are fuel, heat and oxygen. The more dry the wood fuel is, the better as moisture content will introduce an amount of water into the mix. While it’s incredibly difficult to totally eliminate moisture from firewood, it’s perfectly acceptable for wood to contain up to around 20% moisture. All of the logs sold by Just Fuel are dried to around 10-18% moisture, making our logs ready to burn immediately when they are delivered.

But just setting fire to a log is in fact quite difficult. Fire starting agents are often used such as kindling and firelighters which can help to create a bed of heat and flame which will allow the firewood logs to catch. Firelighters are often created using compressed chemicals, wood shavings or sawdust which, once alight, are covered with an amount of kindling (small, thin pieces of firewood) which will keep the fire burning while slowly increasing the amount of fuel available, but not smothering it and starving the fire of oxygen. Once the fire is established, slowly and gradually add kiln-dried logs to the flames and allow the logs to catch light.