Kiln Dried Oak Logs

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Kiln Dried Oak Logs for Wood Burners, Stoves & Open Fires

Our range of kiln dried Oak firewood logs come either packed tightly into softwood crates or in pallets of hand net bags. Expertly dried to minimise the moisture to between 15-20%, these logs are ready to burn in pizza ovens, wood burners, fire pite, open fires and more.

The dense nature of Oak, it makes an absolutely fantastic wood for log burners as it burns evenly, with little flame and lasts for plenty of time, giving you fantastic value for money.

Kiln Dried Oak Log Crates

If you’re a moderate to heavy user of fire wood, our half and full crates of Oak are for you. With just over 2.5m² of ready to burn fire wood contained in a full crate, each cut to around 25cm, they’ll fit in the majority of domestic log burners, pizza ovens, stoves and firepits.

As an added bonus, if you so wish, you can cut the softwood crate down and use it as kindling, making sure nothing goes to waste!